Hi, I’m Vasili 🙌

I’m a YC alum from W18 batch, now tinkering with longevity projects to figure out how to live 200 years.


Previously I’ve built two businesses, Storyline (Alexa Skills builder which powered 10% of the Amazon Skills Store) and BotCube, a chatbot agency I started when I was 19.

When I was a teenager, I was a professional canoe athlete for 7 years and won 3 titles. I love the idea of pushing through my limits and not giving up. I’d dream about winning the Olympics and telling everyone what it was like. Although I didn’t end up being an Olympic champion, that passion for persistence has stayed with me. I love facing challenges, solving tough problems, and inspiring others to persist.

P.s. I also studied kung fu in China from Shifu Shi Xing Long, a 32nd generation Shaolin monk.️


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