New blog, new life

New blog,  new life
On top of Bath — or the world?

“Yeah, it’s been a minute
This probably should’ve happened a while ago
Fuck it, we’re here now though, let’s go”

— Eminem and Snoop Dogg, From the D 2 the LBC

Hello, reader!

After ~three years of radio silence (apart from a few months of activity in 2022), I’m back online and to writing.

What happened / 2020-2023 recap:

  • >300h of self-education, from history to cognitive science to philosophy
  • A massive Dunning–Kruger exit; realization what an ignorant fuck I’d been
  • Discovering and processing sneaky trauma from a failed startup
  • 2 years of devastating long covid (brain, heart, immune system type)

What’s happening:

  • Aggressive work towards complete long covid recovery (e.g., researchers, trials, tons of drugs, supplements, and interventions)
  • New project: a small online school that teaches nontechnical founders things they should know about LLMs like GPT-4 — six months in, 3 cohorts, 64 students (mostly YC alums), ~$20k monthly revenue
  • A new blog!

What’s next:

  • Growth and progress as entrepreneur and writer/thinker
  • Accumulation of resources: knowledge, network, capital, etc.
  • Even more self-edu: transdisciplines like systems thinking, better world model through history, deep dive into cognitive science (particularly memory, perception, intelligence) and information/media studies

Read more in my new blog:

Subscribe there to receive new posts and connect on Twitter. I will stop publishing in this old Ghost blog because I don’t want to bombard those of you who may not be interested in reading my work anymore. Plus, I feel like I want a fresh start. New blog, new life, right?

Stay dangerous,

But it's never too late to start a new beginnin'
That goes for you too, so what the fuck you gon' do?
Use the tools you're given!
Or you're gon' use the cards you're dealt
As an excuse for you to not do shit with 'em?”

— Eminem, Believe